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I was reluctant to write this post because everyone’s experience is different to each others due to a lot of factors, such as the individuals pain threshold, help provided from the birthing partner/s and so on. However, several people have asked me so I thought to post this up to help others.


So, the day before my due date there were no signs of baby coming. I had opted for my midwife to do a sweep to help things progress. The following morning my water had broke although this being my first baby I wasn’t entirely sure. I went into hospital to check and the midwife had mentioned she did not think my water had broken since there wasn’t a pool of fluid in my womb when I was lying down. She then sent me home instead of admitting me and gave me two pads. She had mentioned that if I were to leak some more fluid (which I had done) to call. The midwife on the phone had told me to stay at home and come in early the following morning to be induced.


I had returned to the hospital at 8am and was not seen till later that evening (around 7pm) due to a lack of beds. I was given another sweep and prostaglandin (a hormone-like substance that causes your cervix to ripen) from a wonderful midwife who made me feel comfortable and calm. I then waited for a few more hours till I was 2cm dilated, when the night-duty midwife offered to do another sweep… this time the midwife was not even trying to be gentle and prodded in me like she was trying to stuff a chicken! I asked her to be as gentle as she could but she didn’t listen and I screamed and told her to stop.


When I was moved into the labour ward I was situated in a room, which was dirty, had blood in the sink, and looked as though it was used as storage. I had asked to move into another room, which was so much cleaner. The new midwife was absolutely lovely. She was very professional and had a warm personality that made me feel calm. Sadly her shift ended and another midwife plus student had taken over. Unfortunately the midwife and student was no help at all. During my contractions the two were more interested in talking about buying property and other topics amongst themselves! Luckily, I had two amazing birthing partners who help me get through my contractions. Once my contractions started to build up my birthing partners would let me know by reading the machine. This would indicate that it was coming and that I would need to inhale some gas and air.


Finally, towards the end, a doctor and consultants came in and took over. They used Syntocinon (a synthetic form of the hormone oxytocin, which your body releases to help labour progress) and increased the dosage every few minutes. Contractions brought on by Syntocinon tend to be more intense that an epidural is commonly offered, but I refused it. Don’t get me wrong… at one point it hurt like a B**** and was considering taking an epidural but with the support and reassurance of my birth partners I’m glad that I didn’t.


I was in labour for quite some time and the doctor advised that I ­­­­­have an assisted birth in case the baby felt distressed. Although the baby’s vitals were okay I did not want to take the chance of making the baby distressed so I opted for an assisted delivery. The doctor wanted to use forceps and kept insisting it was the better option but I had made it clear that I was against it and instead I wanted to use a ventouse (a silicone suction cup used on the baby’s crown). My preference for ventouse over forceps was because it was made of silicone plastic (not hard plastic or metal), I was less likely to rip and it would not scar the baby. The doctor was very reluctant to use the ventouse however he said he’ll try it to keep me satisfied and to his surprise I proved him wrong and everything went okay.


My main advice is to be prepared, research and speak to the professionals. Antenatal classes has definitely made my partner and I become aware of all information needed so when it came to labour, we were comfortable enough to know what to do and to make any decisions if any complications arose. Another thing I have experienced is friends, family and even strangers exchanging their stories or advice. Just remember not everything you hear is fact and whatever person ‘X’ has gone through doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same thing. Good luck and stay strong xoxo



  • Trust your instincts
  • Trust in your own body
  • Be prepared for the worse
  • Remember you can always say ‘no’
  • Have birthing partners you can rely on
  • Keep active (move while contracting)
  • Always ask questions if you are not sure
  • If you are unhappy let the head midwife know



    • Antenatal classes
    • Breastfeeding classes
    • Birth Skills by Juju Sundin
    • The Wonder Weeks
  • APPS
    • My Pregnancy Today BabyCenter
    • My Baby Today BabyCenter
    • Baby Feed Timer


Ethan with sun hat


Hello readers! It’s been a while! I would like to introduce you to my baby boy EJ who is now 6 months old ^_^ He is my pride and joy! EJ has a very chilled personality with a smile that melts my heart. I can see his personality starting to show through and can definitely say he is a cheeky little one. Most of my time is invested in him and would not have it any other way.


Since EJ’s birth it’s been a rollercoaster and very challenging… I think most parents can relate. In my opinion when having a child/children you’re constantly learning and facing new challenges everyday… It is hard but it is rewarding. Although I have little time to myself and may not find time for anything else, seeing a smile on my son’s face is all that matters.


I must admit that my partner and I are lucky to have the help of our parents and friends. One of the things we learnt in our antenatal classes was to not shy away from getting help if needed so if you ever need a breather try getting some help and taking a few minutes/hours to yourself. Now EJ is six months, I can definitely say we have got the hang of things although we are constantly learning everyday. With a lot of trials and errors as well as advice from our close ones it has helped us get through these 6 months quite smoothly. I am hoping to try staying active on my blog at least once a week but anything can happen when having a little one.


For the mothers to be and news mums out there first of all I would like to say congratulations and to stay tuned for my upcoming posts which will be baby related ^_^



I first came across the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish a few months back on YouTube… usually where I find out about new products. Once again stateside had the product released there first  -_- however to my surprise after Christmas I saw the nail polishes being sold in Boots! I had a feeling that these would get released in Boots as the store already had some of Sally Hansen’s polishes and nail care products. It retails in Boots for £9.99 which is quite pricey so I recommend you to try one colour before purchasing a few.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish claims:

  • 2 Step process
  • Lasting up to 14 days of colour and shine
  • Easy removal
  • No UV/LED light needed


It has been nearly 2 weeks since I tested out the polish and I can definitely say that I love it! The brush is paddle shaped which makes it an easy application and each coat dries really fast. The colours that I have chosen are all opaque so I’m assuming the majority of their colours will be the same. For polishes to be opaque is a good thing as it means you wouldn’t need to apply many coats to get the same colour shown on the bottle.

See below a picture of my nails painted in the colour ‘Creme De La Creme’ and roughly 2 weeks old!!! You can see that my nails have chipped especially on the thumb however it isn’t that bad… this is with washing my hands constantly throughout the day and washing dishes! I had followed the instructions of applying 2 coats of colour and then using the gel topcoat. I definitely recommend trying this nail polish!








It's time_baby


For the past couple of days I’ve been researching/preparing what should be in my hospital bag and that my birth plan covered everything I had learned in the antenatal classes. FINALLY everything is ready for baby’s arrival ^_^

I must admit that being a first time mum it’s quite tedious preparing the hospital bag and setting a birth plan even with all the classes taken, and can only imagine what it could be like for those who have the slightest idea. Through the classes and my own research I have been constantly discovering new things that can be added in my bag and birth plan, so what I decided to do was write everything down in my notes and then personalised it by only selecting what I think I would need. Remember there are things that are necessary to have and things that you will want to make you feel relaxed and at ease during the labour.


For mums who need a little help getting started I have included my own hospital bag checklist and birth plan (water birth). Click on the links below. I hope and pray for a quick and safe delivery however in both hospital bag checklist and birth plan I have considered all possible outcomes and what would be needed.

If I have left anything out or there is any advice you could give me please feel free to drop me a comment or email, as I would be grateful xoxo







I use to visit San Diego yearly to renew my green card and quite some time ago I had discovered the EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) lip balms in target. I thought it was such a new unique and fun lip balm because of the packaging. I had later discovered after purchase that they were 100% natural and 95% organic I thought that it was such a bonus since I originally gravitated towards it due to the packaging.

After a year or so later people in the UK started finding out about the lip balms… this was a few years back. From my knowledge only till recently retail stores here in the UK have been selling them! Just before Christmas 14′ my best friend told me that she saw the EOS lip balms and a few of their other products being sold in Urban Outfitters retailing for a MASSIVE £6.50!!! In the States the lip balms retail for half the price at $2.99 in Target and $2.96 in Walmart! That converted into pounds is roughly £1.98… so I take offence for retail stores such as Urban Outfitters and Selfridges to sell them at £6.50.

I have done some researching and have found that Amazon sells the EOS lip balms for a lot cheaper and some even offer free delivery! You can buy a 5 pack of different scents for only £15.99 making that roughly £3.20 per balm… That is definitely more worth it so if you are interested head on over to Amazon!




I did actually purchase the 2 newest EOS lip balms from Urban Outfitters in ‘Coconut Milk’ and ‘Vanilla Mint’ as I checked Amazon beforehand and there wasn’t much of a saving on those two scents. I had also wanted to have at least one of their lip balms ready for when baby arrives. It is safe for me to wear around baby as the lip balms are:

  • 100% natural
  • Shea butter & vitamins C & E
  • Smoothes on clear