Ethan with sun hat


Hello readers! It’s been a while! I would like to introduce you to my baby boy EJ who is now 6 months old ^_^ He is my pride and joy! EJ has a very chilled personality with a smile that melts my heart. I can see his personality starting to show through and can definitely say he is a cheeky little one. Most of my time is invested in him and would not have it any other way.


Since EJ’s birth it’s been a rollercoaster and very challenging… I think most parents can relate. In my opinion when having a child/children you’re constantly learning and facing new challenges everyday… It is hard but it is rewarding. Although I have little time to myself and may not find time for anything else, seeing a smile on my son’s face is all that matters.


I must admit that my partner and I are lucky to have the help of our parents and friends. One of the things we learnt in our antenatal classes was to not shy away from getting help if needed so if you ever need a breather try getting some help and taking a few minutes/hours to yourself. Now EJ is six months, I can definitely say we have got the hang of things although we are constantly learning everyday. With a lot of trials and errors as well as advice from our close ones it has helped us get through these 6 months quite smoothly. I am hoping to try staying active on my blog at least once a week but anything can happen when having a little one.


For the mothers to be and news mums out there first of all I would like to say congratulations and to stay tuned for my upcoming posts which will be baby related ^_^



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