Every single person has different types of eyelids therefore depending on what type of eyelid you have your eyeliner method may vary. Here I will be showing you what the types of eyelids people may have and this is very important when doing makeup for others.


a) Single eyelid, no crease.
b) Double eyelid.
c) Broken or non-continuous crease.
d) Partial crease.
e) Multiple eyelid creases.
f) Double eyelid of nasally-tapered crease shape and some widening on the outer end.
g) Double eyelid with parallel crease.
h) Caucasian eyelid crease (semi-lunar shape with widest separation in mid-section).

According to the diagram the eyelid that I have is letter F (source: http://www.asianeyelid.com/faq.html)

When applying eyeliner many people pull on the eye but if possible try not to. Apply to your natural shape… your natural shape isn’t someone pulling your eye to the side! Another reason why I don’t like pulling slightly on the eye is that it can cause sagging over a long period of time especially for those who apply eyeliner nearly every day and do it that way.


Apply black eyeliner or the colour of your choice at the inner corner of your eye on your upper lash line.

Apply again at outer corner of your eye. Depending on what type of eyelid you have it may very… I have a nasally-tapered crease with some widening on the outer end so the eyeliner applied is thicker than in the inner corner of my eye.

This is what it will look like when my eye is opened. Can you see how it follows with the natural shape of my eyelid?

Fill in the gap from inner corner to outer corner of your eyelid.

If you want winged eyeliner make a triangle at the outer corner of your eye then fill in.

 To elongate the winged liner make sure it follows through with your lower lash line like so.

Apply white or flesh coloured eyeliner on your bottom waterline to open out your eye giving the illusion for bigger eyes.

Apply black eyeliner at the bottom of your lower lash line but only at the outer corner. You can apply the liner on the whole of your lower lash line if you wish to but it closes the eye in… It works best with a dramatic looks.

Smudge the eyeliner on the bottom corner of your lower lash line to make it more subtle and you’re done!


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