For all beauty lovers & anyone who is interested in having healthier skin I highly recommend the Clarisonic!!! Read on for a brief description about the Clarisonic and its benefits.When cleansing the skin the usual routine that many people use can leave dirt and trapped oil in your pores. All of the left over dirt and oil can damage your skin.


  • Clarisonic Cleansing uses a patented sonic frequency of 300+ movements per second
  • Waterproof
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Use with a less harsh cleanser
  • Cleansing process can be used 2 times per day of 2 minutes in total


  • Gently & thoroughly removes 6x more than the average makeup & 2x more dirt
  • Helps prepare your skin for makeup application or skin products
  • Improves skin texture, elasticity, and firmness giving you healthier skin
  • Reduces pores


Yes other beauty lovers go on and on about this product but trust me… all the talk is not because of a trend but because it gives results!!! Since I have been using Clarisonic my skin feels and looks a lot healthier. Skin products absorb better into my skin leaving it feel hydrated and makeup glides on effortlessly helping me achieve and airbrush look. I know that it can be quite pricey but long term it has its benefits.


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