As you may have noticed my last post was all about being hygienic as it is the number one cardinal rule when using makeup on yourself especially others. This post is also concentrating on the same thing!!! It’s a new year so let’s all start it correctly.

It is good to be educated in what type of bacteria that may be hiding in our makeup stash especially if your makeup is old, has been shared or even not been used correctly. I will now be showing a few types of bacteria that can be found however there are a lot more… this made my stomach turn!!!

Streptococcus: Can be found in saliva, mucus, and strap throat

Staphylococcus: Can cause skin problems, pink eye, rashes and skin lesions

Gram negative: Can be found in decayed food


Here is a short video clip from Tyra Banks’ chat show


On the back of your makeup products or on the packaging you should be able to find a symbol of an open container with a number inside of it. It should look like this…

The number showing in the container is an indication of the expiry date from the time you open and use the product. Products are not required by law to have expiration dates that is why you will not find an exact expiry date however, each brand/expert vary in guidelines.

Most importantly use your common sense! If your product changes in texture, smell and colour… throw it away ladies!!! The lifespan of your products will also very depending on how well kept they are. Below is a quick guide of Do’s and Don’ts and rough estimates of the lifespan for each makeup product. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email me.




Liquid Foundation

3-6 Months


6-12 Months


12-18 Months


12-24 Months

Pencil Eyeliner

12-24 Months

Liquid Eyeliner

3-6 Months


3-6 Months


12-24 Months


12-24 Months



Clean your brushes/sponges regularly, change the sponge in your compact

Brushes/sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria, the more clean your brush the less likely you will be transferring bacteria, dirt, oils etc back and forth from your face to your tools and to your products

Clean face before application

Same as above… Less likely to be spreading bacteria. Starting with a clean ‘canvas’ always end with a work of art.

Clean hands

Always make sure you have clean hands as the amount of things we touch on a daily basis has bacteria



Share makeup, especially for your eyes

No matter how clean the other individual may be it is better to be safe than sorry. If the makeup is for your professional kit then I would highly recommend to buy disposables

Pump your mascara

Air has all kinds of bacteria and pumping your mascara results in pumping air into your tube causing bacteria to enter

Avoid using any products when you have a cold sore, eye infection or skin lesions etc

Not only will it affect the healing process but it will spread the bacteria

Use a makeup artist who does not disinfect their tools & products

You don’t know what bacteria that may be hiding on their tools or products, you also need to make sure they disinfect before each application per person

Use sample products directly on your face

The amount of people that sample the beauty products every day and to think of the amount of bacteria that has been built up!!! EWWWW!!! Try the sample on the back of your hand



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