Everyone loves the smokey eye look. In this tutorial I have used neutral colours from the Urban Decay Naked palette which is very wearble no matter what skin tone. You can always use similar shades if you do not have the same palette.

Use a large shader brush and apply the colour ‘Sin’ on two thirds of your eyelid (sorry only shown one eyelid done)

With a medium shading brush apply the colour ‘Buck’ on the outer corner of your eyelids. Blend inwards and upwards to the middle of your eyelid. If you want a natural look you can stop applying eye shadow here.

Now with a angled shading brush pop the colour ‘Creep’ right in the outer corner of your eye. This time only blend the colour in your crease going inwards. Blending is they key to smokey eyes.

Use a clean tapered brush and blend all colours from the outer corner to the middle. It should look something like this.

Using the colour ‘Buck’ again, get a small pencil brush and apply on the bottom of your water line from the outer corner to the middle.

You can use the colour ‘Sin’ once more or ‘Vrigin’ and with another pencil brush pop that colour at the inner corner of your eyes. That area of your eye is called your tear duct.

To make your eyes look large or to hide your tired eyes use a skin tone or white pencil eyeliner on your water line.

Now you can apply your eyeliner on top of your eyelid. It doesn’t have to be winged like mine.

To make sure your eyes are not top heavy, apply eyeliner right underneath your water line in the outer corners.

Now apply mascara on your top and bottom lashes. Curl your lashes if needed. BOOM you’re done ^_^

Depending on your preference you can add false lashes to give it more va va vooom lol!!!

Hope this helps xoxo


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