Beware this post may be TMI for some of you readers!

One of the steps to making sure you are ready for spring/summer is to remove all unwanted hair along with exfoliation and a good lotion/cream. Some ladies may remove hair all over and some may only do certain areas. As my own preference I remove my hair on my legs, armpits and down there on my lady friend… You know ladies!


To remove hair in these areas I do not use the same method for all as some methods are more suited for one particular area. It all really depends on your type of body hair, your hair growth, the sensitivity of the skin in that area and most importantly what you are most comfortable with.


For example I shave my legs as hair in that area is very fine and sparse, I wax my lady friend at a spa and for my armpits I usually pluck! As of recently I have been finding it difficult to pluck as it takes a great amount of time that I do not have.


So as a result I have been contemplating on using an epilator. My partner surprised me with the Braun Silk Epil 5… I found it hiding in my drawer ^_^ he loves to hide presents from me to find!! Love him! Okay back on track… at first when trying it out, I was mortified by the sound it made! It was like a mini lawnmower type of sound and that scared the S*** out of me. I sat in my chair for a good 10 minutes or so trying to put it in contact with my skin.


It wasn’t too bad at all!!! Once you get over the sound it makes then your set to go! It is a weird sensation and not to what I am use to. Usually I endure the pain by one strand at a time but with the epilator its just a bit more harsh but real quick… It didn’t hurt me at all. However, if it is your first time it may be a shock to your system unless you can take pain like a pro. I definitely recommend trying an epilator as it plucks right down to the root and it is a very quick method without all the fuss e.g shaving foam, water etc.


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