From the weather to our styling tools, our hair takes on a lot! Recently I have been trying to treat my hair with more care as it’s taken a toll from exposure of the environment, the sun, dry air, cold air, and of course our hair styling tools. I have naturally coarse thick hair so quite often my hair gets dry easily.


Since I am a working lady and always out early morning I find it hard to take great care for my hair. When in a rush in the mornings I will use a 2in1 shampoo and conditioner, towel dry my hair and spray one of these bad boys. It saves you time from washing your hair twice from the shampoo and conditioner. It will also help seal the strands of your hair before any styling.


  • Reduces frizz
  • Time saver
  • Detangles
  • Hydrates
  • Protects


I have tested and tried out these three products from Aussie, Dove and VO5.

All three recommend you to have hair clean damp hair before use and evenly spray the product all over.


Aussie – The bottle is a solid colour so you cannot see how much of the product you have left and the spray nozzle could be improved. The spray comes out in a harsh mist instead of soft. It makes your hair slightly shiny and soft however I suggest you use a brush or comb to smooth the product into your hair as it felt slightly sticky and heavy. The scent is a sweet and soft.
£4.99 250ml


Dove – The bottle is clear which allows you to see the amount of product and the spray is a soft light mist which helps an even application. The product leaves a nice shine to your hair and incredibly soft and leaves a fresh scent. I would say that for the price you definitely get your moneys worth.
£3.59 200ml


VO5 – The bottle is slightly opaque which still allows you to see the amount of product left and the spray is also a soft light mist. The product itself leaves your hair smooth and soft leaving your hair with a sweet fresh scent. I really love this mist however for the price and for only 150ml it wouldn’t be my ‘to go’ leave-in conditioner.

£4.39 150ml



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