I have always been a curvy lady from such a young age and because of this when I was in my teen’s people who do not know me often think I’m older. I reckon the type of body shape I have is an hour glass figure… My bust and hips are fairly the same measurements and my waist a lot smaller.

I am not a person who loves the gym and I try to MAKE myself go as I lack motivation. I’m not going to lie and tell you all that I LOVE THE GYM… it’s just ‘blehhh’ to me. When I am in the gym, I’m in my element. I actually enjoy it and the feeling after is great!

I love my food tooo much LOL but I don’t over eat and have been eating the same amount as I did when I was in secondary school… actually maybe even less than I did. For some reason it’s been harder for me to keep off the extra love handles unlike when I was younger.


I have currently used 1 box which is 4 wraps and I have been loving this discovery! I was in doubt about these wraps before trying them out for myself however seeing the before and after photos, I decided to take a leap of faith and jump right on it. The first wrap I wasn’t sure if I saw a difference but taking before and after photos shows! I am grateful to have found this body wrap and each time I’ve seen the results on myself.

If you give the ‘itworks’ products especially the ultimate body wrap a chance, I am sure you will not be disappointed!

This was me when I had an average diet and worked out at home


So let me carry on by saying posting up pictures of my before and after is EXTREMELY difficult for me. For the first time in ages I am finally happy and I let myself get too comfortable… I know it’s not an excuse! Shame on me! I was very scared to post my pics because of what people may think and that people will judge me… but hey… no one is perfect! I decided to go ahead and pick up the courage to post up my before and after pictures because knowing that I can help others makes me feel good.



Change your diet, eat clean & work your ass off in the gym… That’s all for your INSIDE, the wrap is for your INSIDE & OUTSIDE. Texture of your skin, post pregnancy, after weight loss skin, tightening, firming & toning. Of course being healthy is they key but if you can have a NATURAL product you don’t have to consume to AID you in your efforts & hard work to get FASTER results then why not? It’s not a way of life… It’s an AID in your journey to wellness.

I purposely used the wraps without any exercise to see if it really works & it did such a great job! So I can only imagine what it may be like with eating healthy, exercise & using the wrap. It’s gonna be awesome!!! I seriously cannot wait to start working out again and using these wraps whoop whoop!!! I’m back on track to get my sexy back LOL!

If you are interested in trying out these awesome wraps please email me on or please visit for more info or to purchase

Please see below for more pictures… You can also google image ‘itworks’ or hashtag #itworks






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