Since posting up my before and after photos more people are interested in purchasing the wraps =]

I also want to thank everyone for their kind messages and also for trusting in me that my results are 100% real! I will not be selling the product if Idid not believe in it.



FYI – Prices are shown in dollars $ on the website

Each box contains 4 wraps. Retail price is £80 however if you purchase as a loyal customer you get the box for only £50, saving you £30… that’s only £12.50 per wrap as a loyal customer!


If you want to only purchase 1 wrap it will  be at reatail price for £20 per wrap (you can only purchase 1 wrap from myself, not online so you will need to let me know and I will come meet you… only to London UK customers)

Use the wrap on clean skin… better used after a shower/bath. Do not use lotion on the area you want to wrap.


When using the wrap you leave it on for a minimum of 45mins and can leave it on for hours. I left my wrap on throughout the night and took it off in the morning. Even after taking the wrap off, the serum infused into your skin will continue to work for 72hours. So lets say you use the wrap Monday night the next wrap you would use will be on Thursday night. I suggest you use cling film to keep it in place.


After taking the wrap off, massage in the rest of the serum into your skin. It will look creamy white in colour like a lotion and massage into skin till it disappears.


The most important thing… You have to drink ALOT of water… aim for at least 2 litre a day for the serum to work properly. Of course… try eat as healthy as you can.


It is optional… you can use the ‘defining gel’ for even more faster results.

Here’s the site to purchase the wraps essmariewrapsuk.myitworks.com

If you have any problems trying to purchase the wraps online here is the number to call United Kingdom: 0-(800) 098-8925, Ireland: 1-(800) 948-639 Fax: 00 1 888-711-3760


If you have any questions please let me know, I will be happy to help =]

Good luck!



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