Your eyebrows play an important part to your look. It is a simple thing but makes the biggest difference to your face. The general rule is that if you have a round or oval face you should have more of an angled eyebrow and if you have a prominent sharp face your eyebrows should have more of a curve to it to soften up your look.

Many times I have seen failed attempts on people that I can’t help but stare and feel like I want to get my tweezers out and help them lol! Others have the right principle but still need a little tweak to their technique to make it even better than it already is.



Here is a diagram of how to measure to find the dimensions of your eyebrows and it’s perfect for each individuals face. The thing you need to remember is to go with your natural shape and not to overdo it with the shaping. Use pencil eyeliner to help measure and mark your eyebrows.

Start from the corner of your nose and place the end of the eyeliner there as a pivot point. Now pivot the eyeliner to the start of your eye (line A). Wherever the pencil is on your eyebrow, that’s the start of where your eyebrow should be. Make a mark with your pencil. The same method is repeated for the arch of your eyebrow (line B) and the end (line C).
Once the marking are in place get shaping with your tweezers or razor =]



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