I first spotted this cosmetic organiser on Its Judy’s Time on her YouTube channel and was dying to find out where I could get it. The organiser rotates making it easily accessible which is what sold me on the idea. From researching on the internet I managed to find where I could purchase it which is from QVC however the only way to purchase it from their website is to register an account with them. I have never purchased anything from QVC before and was quite reluctant to sign up but I was so determined to buy the organiser I got sucked into it… It was either that or buying it from eBay and to be honest the only time I purchase from eBay is if it’s the last resort. The spinning cosmetic organiser costs £22.50 and shipping is £5.95.


When I first received the package it came in medium size box and I was actually expecting it to be smaller. At first I thought the organiser was too large but once you start placing products in you will see that the size is just about right. I had 2 purposes for the organiser… one of them being that my ‘go to’ products were easily accessible on my desk and the other is so that it encourages me to test out new products I tend to forget about once they are in my drawers.


The Lori Greiner organiser also has adjustable separators to hold the products in place and you also have the option to take off the lipstick holder compartment on top for longer/larger products. I solely use my organiser to encourage and remind me to try out new products… here is a picture to show you how I use my organiser. I try to organise in sections such as skincare, hand care, eyes, lips and face.



For those who would like more of a discreet organiser here is another organiser that Lori Greiner has and you can also purchase it from QVC. This case is made out of wood and you can either get it in the colour white or oak costing £75.

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