MANI MONDAY 10/03/14

MANI MON 110314


Now the weather is starting to look brighter and it is now spring I am back in the mood to paint my nails. I often wait to grow my nails to a mid-length before applying pretty colours as it looks much more feminine and that way my hands don’t end up looking stubby. Just the other day I had the ultimate ‘girl problem’… I broke my nail haha! I hate it when my nails are all different lengths and my preference is to keep it all the same so I ended up cutting them short -_- No not draw too much attention to my short nails I painted them a light, shimmery pink.

The light, shimmery pink is by Misa Nail Lacquers in colour 247 Pixie Princess. I absolutely love this colour however sadly it is not opaque and with one coat of colour you would barely see the lovely colour that you see on the bottle. I decided to use a pink base coat by Sally Hansen in colour 250 Mudslide and it turned out really good.


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