The news I have been dying for!!! When I resided in the States the one thing that I loved the most is that Sephora was a drive away… so when I moved back to the UK it was sad to say goodbye to the store I loved -_- YES it was that deep hahaha! Sephora is a store that supplies a wide of beauty products from skin care, hair and makeup… quite a few of the brands are not available here in the UK. Imagine Boots beauty section on a bigger scale! I recall emailing Sephora’s customer services and asking whether or not they were considering shipping internationally or opening stores here in the UK. They had confirmed that they were looking into it so it was a matter of time that we would hear something.

Unfortunately Sephora are not opening their stores here in the UK however they do offer shipping! Of course I can cope with that hahaha! I have no idea when this happened?!!! By chance I went on to their website to check a product and a message window popped up notifying me of the news! The image is shown below.

If you haven’t heard of their store I highly recommend you to take a look.





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