So I finally managed to find the time to take photos of all the things I bought for my Philippines haul. Just be warned there are quite a few products so this post may get quite long.

When I fly internationally I always make sure I keep an eye out for products that are not available in the UK or are hard to come across. So when I was traveling to Korea for the stop over to Philippines I made sure I had a look around at Seoul’s airport. It may not seem like it but you can find a good bargain in Seoul’s airport beauty store.





For skincare… I had bought face masks, eye masks, hand & foot masks on deals that the store was offering. A great example is the Missha face mask of a pack of 30 for only $18 which is roughly £11-£12!!! I was also able to find face masks in the Philippines which were own-branded from a drug store called Watsons. There was only a choice between antioxidant & moisturising or revitalising & moisturising which retail at roughly 20 pence!!! (14 Pesos). Lastly I had purchased nose strips from Bench. I have heard a few people mention that nose strips are actually not good for pores and to be honest I have had no problems when using them.




The only hair product I had bought in the Philippines is Dove Intense Repair conditioner. We also have the same type of product here in the UK however there is a slight change. The Dove product in the Philippines has two colours in one bottle instead if the one and with a different type of nozzle at the end of the tube it creates a pretty pattern. The conditioner reminds me of Aquafresh toothpaste and the icing funnel for cakes haha! It’s a nice change to what I’m use to of boring hair products.




If you have read my previous posts some of you may be aware that I have oily to combination skin and to help minimise the oil & shine I have purchased oil control film from two brands. One being Gatsby and the other by Clean & Clear. In the UK we do have the brand Clean & Clear however I’ve noticed we do not carry all their products that other countries may have so unfortunately the oil control film cannot be bought from stores in the UK. You may be able to purchase from either Amazon, eBay or an asian beauty website.




Of course I had to buy some cosmetics… What beauty lover wouldn’t?! The only make-up I bought from Seoul was the extremely popular bb cream by Missha. I had always wanted to try out their bb cream but never came across a store I could walk into & that does a colour match test. Unfortunately Missha does not provide a huge range of shades so luckily I was able to find a close match and a store that I could test out the product before purchasing.

There wasn’t many make-up products in the Philippines that drew my attention and the brands that I haven’t heard of didn’t appeal much to me. The only brand I noticed was Maybelline’s ‘Clear Smooth’ range. I haven’t seen any stores in London selling this product range so I decided to get everything the store had lol! Sadly the product range did not offer man shades… It’s actually quite annoying.

An oldie but goodie is Johnson’s ‘Oil Control Fresh & Smooth’ face powder. This was the only thing I used on my face as a teenager when I was starting to take interest in makeup. The powder does what it says which is to control oil and also it helps with shine. It has a very light feel to the skin and it smells fresh just like baby powder… Very soft and gentle. I tend to like using the powder when I use a bb cream and I start to get shiny it helps to freshen up my face.

Lastly I have Cover Girl’s lash blast volume mascara. I have mid length, sparse, stubborn & straight lashes that not many types of mascara can uphold the curls I make by using an eyelash curler. Most mascara tends to weigh down my lashes and make them go back straight. Cover Girl’s mascara holds the curls in my eyelashes throughout most of the day. I’m actually regretting to stock up… I should have bought more than one. Maybe this is another great excuse to organise a trip to the U.S hahaha!


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