Sadly there is no ‘Mani Monday’ for this week -_- Last Thursday I was so ill that I couldn’t keep any fluids or solids down… It left me extremely dehydrated. It took me the whole weekend up till yesterday to fully recover & during that process I had to be careful with what I ate & drank

During my recovery process I had stomach pains from either being hungry or gas… Possibly both. The main burden I had was an extreme migraine that lasted for days! It was so bad that I wanted to ‘smash my head against the wall’.

Now that I’m back to health I thought to share a few tips that have helped me…




Did you know that water makes up more than half of your body weight? Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to function properly. Water is vital for good health and to help flush out the toxins. A sports drink can also help replace electrolytes if you have a fever, have been vomiting or have had diarrhea. Choose sports drinks wisely, as they are often high in calories from sugar and may contain high levels of sodium. A few drinks I would recommend port drinks such as Lucozade, Berocca tablets and water.




Drinking the right fluids will help your skin in the long run but during your recovery process you may find that your skin will look dull & lack brightness. It most probably is the last thing on your mind when all you want to do is lay underneath the sheets however, moisturising will help eliminate signs of tired skin especially on the face. Use a good body cream/lotion, face cream, hand & foot cream especially during the night as this is the time that the body rejuvenates itself.




As I was dizzy from migraines & dehydrated it didn’t have an impact on my sense of smell. I love smelling scents that are fresh or fruity especially when I love to relax & unwind. From my own personal experience it sets the mood and helps me feel like I’m in ‘another world’… more so when I sit/lay down, close my eyes & take slow breaths. Use candles, a room diffuser, bubble bath/salts, or oils for pillows for when you sleep at night. What I highly recommend is to ask a loved one or a friend to massage some oils into your skin because it will physically and mentally relax you.




Music always help me feel unwind. Everyone has a different type of genre they listen to so I suggest listening to whatever puts you in a ‘good place’ and uplifts you. I personally don’t know anyone who is not a music lover. Have you notice on most occasions within our lives we associate it with music? Whether it being a happy moment in your life; a wedding or a birthday party hosted for the celebration there will be music. The same goes for sad occasions just like losing a boyfriend and you cry your eyes out to either really depressing music to make you feel worse than you already do or women empowering mad music… or is that just me? hahaha! What I prefer to listen to is slow/calming songs or spa music.




As much as you may want to carry on with your daily/weekly activities if it can be helped try avoid doing so and get plenty of rest. I have been ill once before where I had an event to attend to and I didn’t want to let my friends down so despite of how I was feeling I still attended. I felt even worse the next day. Rest and fluids go hand in hand during sickness.




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