Quite a while back I decided to buy the Urban Decay 3 palette and other UD products. I tend to try stay away from all the hype especially when it comes to new products but I could not resist with the Naked 3 palette. The USA have the perks of being able to test out a product and returning it if it does suit them… even the drugstore makeup brands. I took a chance with the Naked 3 palette and glad that I did.




Looking at the new packaging from the first palette Naked I can definitely see improvement. I prefer the hard case and the type of texture as the first palette was some sort of suede material which got dirty easily. The Naked 3 palette also comes with a large mirror and a cosmetic brush.



Naked 3 palette has 12 brand new colours that come in a rose gold and pink undertones. I have read that the palette suits people with pale skin tones however I find that it some of the colours are quite golden and brown which make it wearable in my opinion. The colours are a mixture of matte, pearls and metallic shades costing roughly around £37.00. My favourite shade out of the 12 would have to be ‘Blackheart’ as it may seem a dark brown shade with red glitter in pan however once swatched it is close enough to a dark black… very unique and can be compared to a colour in ‘Itsjudytime‘ eye shadow palette (bottom row, 3rd colour). As always the quality of Urban Decay’s eye shadows never fails.


I had repurchased the Primer Potion and setting sprays I decided to stock up for my pro kit. The Primer potion is in the colour ‘Eden’ which can be compared to MAC’s paint pot in the shade ‘Soft Ochre‘… both shades are great as eye shadow bases and another staple product for my everyday makeup and my pro kit. Their setting sprays are also staple products of mine especially in my pro kit. It is very useful for making makeup long lasting and also for makeup look more natural if it appears to be caked on.




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