britney spears midnight fantasy


As far as I can remember Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy perfume has always been my go-to perfume for many years. Till this day I still get compliments that the scent that I am wearing is very refreshing so I thought to share it with you all. When purchasing perfume you should always choose what works for you and the reason for this is that fragrances react uniquely on differently people due to different skin types and different conditions. Examples of this are different skin types, our natural odours, our type of diet, the current season or even the time of day.

The type of scent that Midnight Fantasy falls under is in both ‘Sweet’ and ‘Fresh’ which is the type of fragrances I usually steer towards. What I also love about buying this fragrance is the price! You can buy Midnight Fantasy from Boots for £24 50ml or online from for £13.95 50ml … you can’t go wrong with that.




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