judy travis


For as long as I can remember I have been watching Judy Travis’ makeup videos on YouTube and when she decided to start vlogging 15-30 mins about her daily life on ItsJudysLife with her family I was hooked! She is married to Benjamin Travis and they have 3 wonderful girls which two of them are twins!




In their vlog today her husband surprised her by providing her with an outfit to get ready in and a secret location for dinner! Watching Benji’s excitement and Judy’s reaction was priceless! It’s so wonderful to see the love they have for one another and still to this day Benji still surprises Judy and keeps their love ‘alive’. It’s a shame that there are not many men who would do the same and the majority of them today have forgotten what chivalry is… I’m not saying all men haha! It is nice to see there is still hope and maybe one day every girl will get to experience that type of love. I know… I’m such a old school romantic but I can’t help it.


Watch Benji surprise Judy here…



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