With it being my first pregnancy am I still learning the ropes and getting the grips of things. Without a doubt I know I will be getting stretch marks as I had a few when I had my growth spurt during the last years of primary school. I haven’t grown since then hahaha! It has been said that it is inevitable for most women to get stretch marks but if there is anything to help prevent them then why not!

To help prevent stretch marks I have been doing some research on what to use.
I have decided to try out Mama Mio which has known to be an award-winning pregnancy skincare line. Mama Mio claim…


As the pregnancy fit skin experts, we’re here to make these nine months the most beautiful and comfortable of your life. Safe and effective, Mama Mio is your secret weapon to strengthen and protect your skin as you grow, and regain your former glory after baby arrives. Please use with JOY!




The reason for me choosing this particular brand is due to it known to being extremely safe and effective throughout pregnancy. Mama Mio products are paraben free, petroleum free, phthalates free, sodium laureth and sodium lauryl sulphate free, colourant free, synthetic fragrance free and xenoestrogen free.

Additional useful information: Mama Mio’s fragrance are from natural oils, dermatologically tested, safety tested, do not test on animals, made in USA.

The only downside to Mama Mio’s products is the prices which can break pockets. Since it being my first pregnancy I’m hoping to try getting the best products that are available for me and baby. I have purchased The Tummy Rub Butter £23.50 (120g), The Tummy Rub Oil £27.00 (120ml), Pregnancy Tube £29.50 (100ml) and Keep Calm Nipple Balm £12.00 (30ml).

I have been using the products since being 10 weeks pregnant and I’m currently 23 weeks… so far so good! My belly has grown and there hasn’t been any signs of stretch marks just yet… fingers crossed I hope I don’t get too many.

Mama Mio also provides a skincare range for post pregnancy to reduce and minimise stretch marks plus they also have a range for everyday skincare 🙂


I also would like to make a disclaimer that I am not an expert and only recommend what works for me and hopefully by sharing my experiences it can help others.


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