A great way to catch some sun on your back if your preganant :)


When my partner and I came back from holiday that same day we had arrived back in London we drove straight from the airport to our first antenatal class! We were late by 20mins but we still made it 🙂 From that day everyone can remember our names as we walked in late with embarrassment… not a great start lol!

Since then other couples within the group also have been going on holidays and mothers have been asking me for advice about being in the sun and keeping cool. So I thought if I can shed some light and advice with others mums that would make me happy.

Having a tan is your skin’s way of protecting itself from the damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation. There’s no scientific proof of how sunlight or to artificial UV rays affects a developing baby. I would suggest as a precaution try to avoid long hours in the sun especially midday when the sun is at its hottest. Also make sure you protect your skin with sunscreen and you don’t over heat.

When pregnant be cautious as your skin is more sensitive so you may burn or tan more easily. The reason is due to having higher level of hormone which is called ‘melanocyte-stimulating hormone’ that makes your skin darker. Now ladies… don’t get to excited and starting tanning to your hearts content because this hormone can also cause irregular dark patches on your face or a dark line down the middle of your belly.



If you are planning on relaxing in the sun and catching a few sun rays I would recommend doing it whilst being in the pool. Either take a relaxing swim or dip in the pool. During pregnancy you may have a shortness of breath like I do, so when I was too tired to swim I would use a float bed to tan my front and a rubber ring to tan my back. I was dreading not being able to tan front and back and was relieved when I thought of the idea of using the ring. This way there is no pressure applied to both you on your belly and baby 🙂 when getting too hot I would continue lying on the float or ring and splash water on myself… that way I was not overheating. Just like usual when tanning make sure you moisturise with a very hydrating cream/lotion so your skin will stay healthy and which I have also noticed it helps to prolong my tan.

Of course when staying cool you must drink a lot of fluids but preferably water to keep you well hydrated. Another way to stay cool is to have a cold wet flannel readily available to put over your face or even your baby bump. I decided to not to expose my baby bump at all and instead I tanned the rest of my body.

Luckily I was scheduled for a detailed scan after I came back from holiday and fortunately baby bump was okay. I was so worried especially because it’s my 1st baby and most of the time I’m not pretty sure if what I’m doing is right even after all the reading and researching… I guess it may be like that for all new mums?

If anyone has any suggestions or advice for me please drop me a email or comment 🙂


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