I use to visit San Diego yearly to renew my green card and quite some time ago I had discovered the EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) lip balms in target. I thought it was such a new unique and fun lip balm because of the packaging. I had later discovered after purchase that they were 100% natural and 95% organic I thought that it was such a bonus since I originally gravitated towards it due to the packaging.

After a year or so later people in the UK started finding out about the lip balms… this was a few years back. From my knowledge only till recently retail stores here in the UK have been selling them! Just before Christmas 14′ my best friend told me that she saw the EOS lip balms and a few of their other products being sold in Urban Outfitters retailing for a MASSIVE £6.50!!! In the States the lip balms retail for half the price at $2.99 in Target and $2.96 in Walmart! That converted into pounds is roughly £1.98… so I take offence for retail stores such as Urban Outfitters and Selfridges to sell them at £6.50.

I have done some researching and have found that Amazon sells the EOS lip balms for a lot cheaper and some even offer free delivery! You can buy a 5 pack of different scents for only £15.99 making that roughly £3.20 per balm… That is definitely more worth it so if you are interested head on over to Amazon!




I did actually purchase the 2 newest EOS lip balms from Urban Outfitters in ‘Coconut Milk’ and ‘Vanilla Mint’ as I checked Amazon beforehand and there wasn’t much of a saving on those two scents. I had also wanted to have at least one of their lip balms ready for when baby arrives. It is safe for me to wear around baby as the lip balms are:

  • 100% natural
  • Shea butter & vitamins C & E
  • Smoothes on clear




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