I started wearing concealer when studies started to take its toll on me! Concealer was my way of trying to hide the aftermath of an epic night or a late shift from work followed on by an early class/lecture lol! My dark circles are not usually noticeable but if it’s enough for myself to notice then I would definitely try concealing it.

Past experiences I have had when using concealers is that they are either too watery and tend to stay in between your fine lines or they are too thick in consistency making it look cakey under your eyes and making the area a lot more noticeable.

On nights out I wear a concealer with full coverage but on normal days for when I go to work I use a light/medium coverage concealer. I think that I may have found my go to everyday concealer 🙂

A month ago I decided to try out L’oreal Touche Magique True Math Anti-Fatigue Illuminating concealer in colour Warm Beige and ‘wow’ I’m glad that I did! I had purchased two shades, which is what I usually do when I cannot find a concealer that matches my skin tone. One was a lighter shade and the other was a shade darker with a slight pink undertone.

I intended to mix the lighter and darker concealer together to get a shade closer to my skin tone however to my surprise the pink undertone concealer works well on it’s own! It cancels out my dark circles and has a medium coverage with a lightweight feel. It also gives an illuminating affect that brightens up the eye area. Once applied allow the concealer to set for a few seconds and then set it again with a lightweight setting powder. See below a before and after picture.




My before and after shows how well the concealer has worked for me. In the first picture (before) I have done my eyebrows and eyeliner with nothing on my face except from my moisturiser. In the second photo (after) I have used the concealer under my eye area, a few patches around my face to hide my freckles and around my mouth… lastly do not forget the setting powder only under the eye.

You can find L’oreal Touche Magique True Match Anti-Fatigue Illuminating concealer being sold at Boots or Superdrug retailing around £8.20






HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 EVERYONE! Now that I am a mum to be at 36 weeks I’ve decided for a more quite celebration on New Years Eve… it’s my time to start nesting and resting up before baby makes an appearance. The plan was to go watch the fireworks at Alexandra Palace however I started cramping up and made the smart choice to stay in. Thank goodness for having an understanding partner as I am sure he wanted to party his way into 2015.

Although it was going to be a quiet night I still wanted to get done up and start 2015 feeling good… it has been said that endorphins (happy hormones) help with pregnancy 🙂 Just before Christmas I bought the L’oreal Paris La Palette Nude, which has lovely subtle rose colours from pinks, nudes and mauves so I thought it would be a great time to try out the palette. I used the same ‘go to’ products as a base for my face MAC Studio Fix Powder NC40 and MAYBELINE Fit Me Concealer 20.




For this look I used the following:





For this year’s festive period I decided to make effort and get in the spirit of things by wearing a Christmas theme cardigan and using the same colours on my eyes. As far back as I can remember the colour red has always been a festive colour. I wasn’t too sure at the start if using red on my eyes and lips would be too much which may scream out “LOUD” however I made sure that I didn’t blend the red too far up my eyes and it surprisingly looks quite good. Usually if I go heavy on the eyes I would go natural on lips and vise versa but because Christmas only comes once a year… why not go all out?! lol!




For this look I used the following:






It was my partner’s brother’s wedding on the 22nd December and it was such a wonderful ceremony and celebration. The colour theme for the wedding was a dark purple so I wanted to choose a colour that wouldn’t clash. I chose a plain maternity dress in the colour navy which is not too far off from purple and made sure I glammed it up with a statement necklace and bold makeup on the eyes with nude lips. Apologies for the blurry picture as we were in the car en route to the wedding reception.




For this look I used the following:






For the whole of last week I was feeling so poorly that I had to go hospital twice to make sure baby and I were okay. Nothing too serious thank goodness. I have been cooped up in the house for a week my partner took me shopping for the baby so that I could get some fresh air and get moving to get that blood pumping in my body.

I felt and definitely looked tired so I wanted to make myself feel good. I took that as an opportunity to get myself done up to make myself feel happy… anything that has got to do with beauty is like therapy for me. I opted to go for a winter inspired look so I went for simple eyeliner on the eyes & a burgundy/mahogany lip colour.


For this look I used the following: